One Single Step's recent work has led to the compiling of a detailed Biodiversity Report (ongoing) and we are now educating ourselves with a range of partners including John Muir Awards, The Woodland Trust, The National Trust and regional local authorites. We are moving forward a concept to devise a programme of personal development through volunteering activities, focussing initially towards land in South Tyneside we identified in 2011 called The Heart, together with the surrounding areas.
One Single Step’s staff and volunteers are working with a range of schools towards the completing of a John Muir Conserver Award and a plan to plant 10,000 trees in the next ten years across the North East.
Overall, we are aiming to ensure that the correct levels of trees are present in ‘green lung’ habitats where they are required. This involves working with a range of regional, national and international individuals and organisations and engaging in a process that requires patience in terms of ensuring the generations of tomorrow inherit a picture that is well thought, as well as felt, through.
If you are an individual, school, group or an organisation who would like to work with us, contact us directly.