The Healing Heart programme of events was inspired by the true to life adventure that took place whilst filming The 300 Mile Swim. This led to David Young making the initial 2,000 step climb up to swimming in Blearbury Tarn, a body of water at a location that seems to have a healing air of its own, as viewed from the film’s footage. The general idea is that you make your own way to Crummock Water, camp at the site beside it, then at your own pace make the journey up the two thousand steps. Or, if you have the extra energy in you, take the additional few hundred or so steps to the peak and look down at the phenomenal natural heart carved into the landscape.
MI statistics show an increase in isolation and vulnerability throughout the darker Winter months, so you may find it useful to have an event to train towards and look forward to. If you manage to coordinate this with taking part in the Ullswater Swim, then you could orchestrate an entire weekend of activity that could very easily have a powerful and positive impact on your life experience..
We recommend it, as we plan to attend every year..
Our other listed events are in development stages as we continue to build awareness and partnerships. Please contact us for any additional information.