Our work, is all about, the individual.
What we have discovered, throughout 12 years of working in the field of personal development, is that any one of us in life can require a listening ear, encouragement, a friendly and upbeat conversation, or to be guided in some manner toward a positive light.
We seek to remain constantly open, to the possibility that even one glance, gesture or a word delivered in the right way at the correct point of the experience of another energy form, could be the single happening that allows them or it the comfort to feel they either belong, or that they are on the right path.
This is the reason the individual is our focus.
Whoever we can work with alongside, as part of a global family, we will.
Those we have yet to encounter, we remain open to the potential that we might work with them.
Those we never encounter at a face to face level we feel we are still connected to in some way, through Universal energy. With this understanding, even on a day we may work with noone, which is a rarity, we feel we are working with everyone, through raising our vibration and by adding positive light to the picture.