Between 2009-11, the founder of One Single Step worked voluntarily over 22-months to direct and film a documentary: The 300 Mile Swim. The 72-minute production tells the story of David Young, a 42-year-old affected by the loss of his close friend and work colleague, Davey Mac, who was diagnosed with MI and who took his own life in 2006. Months after, David Young made a decision to take to the water and start swimming, as a means of motivating himself, as he suffered bouts of depression which were followed by heavy drinking, almost 19kg weight gain and the loss of all of his facial, head and body hair caused by the anxiety he experienced.
The film’s main narrative relays David’s story, documenting his aqua-strokes in pools, in open water and throughout a variety of outdoor swimming events across the UK, interspersed with footage of larger than life and spirited character Davey Mac. At a deeper level, the film explores natural versus pharmeceutical therapy, as David chose against taking medication using swimming as a form of self-healing.
The 300 Mile Swim premiered in November 2011 to an audience of almost 200 at The Star and Shadow, an independent volunteer-led cinema based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Present on the evening were family and friends of Davey and David, together with academics, health professionals, counsellors, police, former and current MI patients and a range of other supporters. The film made a huge impact and £620 was raised on the evening from the sales of the DVD.
By May 2012, following the home-copy and distribution of the documentary, more than 800 people had watched it and it was decided that the launching of One Single Step would be the most effective route to carry forward Davey Mac’s legacy, ensuring that the DVD, as a motivation or awareness-raising tool, reached the hands of those who might make use of it and perhaps become inspired to build upon its momentum.
The film was adopted for communications purpose by One Single Step, to create a dynamic means of building light in the field of personal development and MI, with an annually-running programme of activities developed to promote methods of self-healing based around the film itself.

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