One Single Step’s work with colleges and universities led to us meeting a girl called Kori, an almost graduated student who was uncertain of the steps she was about to take, following completion of her degree course.
She felt she might have to continue to follow the path her studies had led her into design and advertising, whereas inside she felt an innate realisation that another direction was her calling.
Following a college placement officer contacting us to make the referral, Kori explained how she enjoyed and felt competent in the challenge of creating campaigns and design briefs in a largely corporate-focussed environment, but she did not feel the satisfaction from doing this in the way she did when helping and supporting others in a way she described to us as “counselling”.
This led to Kori completing a blog, with One Single Step opening every door they could towards a path where Kori could learn about the varied individuals, groups and organisations, who work in the field of assisting and guiding others.
Kori became one of the first to join us and is now working as a volunteer, testing our PDA and Spacial Timeline.
Kori’s blog contains information that ultimately is leading her towards a life she wants to lead.