Our work requires quite an indepth level of evaluating what we do at varying levels, such as:
Environmental: How our work impacts upon Nature
Individual: How our work impacts upon the lives of others
Social: How our work impacts the community framework
Economic: How our work has an ability to save authorities tens of thousands of pounds each year and create employment
Evaluation allows that we can record the effects of our work and relay this data to potential partners and funders.
Our work focus is holistic, for example, a single individual becoming more positive impacts not only upon themselves but upon a wider picture.
ho·lis·tic adj including or involving all of something, especially all of somebody’s physical, mental, and social conditions, not just physical symptoms, in the treatment of illness
The critical questions we ask as part of our Personal Development Assessment greatly inform us and is one of our evaluation methods. Others include regular report compiling, photographic and film-recording.
These all allow us to build a picture.
Our aim as a service through One Single Step is to steadily and patiently build, remaining innovative and to continue with creative energy and as environmentally focused as possible.
Please arrange to visit us to discover the range of lives we enter and work alongside such as the young light warriors in the photograph.