David Stuart MacLeman: Deep-Sea Explorer, Adventurer and Honorary Patron of One Single Step, is head of our team. His light provided the initial spark that ignited the work we continue to develop.
Our legal structure is governed by a Registered Charity, allowing our work the freedom to function. We are now looking into becoming a stand-alone social enterprise.
Our team is an expanding community network of individuals, involving eight Trustees who work voluntarily in their posts, including a Chair, Secretary and a Treasurer, who handle matters that relate to governance and represent the charity as spokespersons and ambassadors.
Additions to our team now include Volunteers who maintain the website content, Graphic Designers and Illustrators who assist with artwork, Business-developers, Assessors, Facilitators, Healers, Fundraisers, Environmentalists, Event-Planners, Filmmakers, Photographers and Musicians.
Not all of our team are paid, but every team member is aware of the role each individual plays and this assists in the creating of a community that connects and works together.
What we are creating is already functioning at a level that is providing high-vibration purpose and employment.
We are fortunate to involve advisors in: Legal, Property, Bookkeeping, Education, Environmental, Funding, Marketing, Events Management and in fields that relate to the medical profession including Mental-Illness, Nutrition and Holistic Health Care.
We also work alongside volunteers and work placements from job centres, schools, colleges, universities and from volunteer referal agencies.
We have partnerships with a range voluntary organisations councils and local authorities across the North East region and nationwide. This helps us to gain a balanced view of how the weekly picture is unfolding and what we can do, in order to maintain a level of involvement that can make a real and positive difference. It also allows us to become directly involved with playing a part in helping add to and shape the Voluntary Sector, whilst engaging in other sectors that compliment what we do, engaging towards the realisation of common goals and objectives.
If you want to join our team or link with our work in some way contact us.
It is your support we need to expand our light community.