Our PDA/Life Plan sheets, Spacial Timeline (Roots of Influence) chart, Single Day Plan and Identifly charts are available upon initial assessment.

Our work between 2001-2011 involved the delivery of a range of workshops, projects and events, designed by us and taking place either at our former premises or at locations situated outside. The main target focus were young people and we engaged individuals (mainly) between the ages of 11-25.
We targetted those who were in some way challenged, or had a past or current obstacle or vulnerability they wanted to overcome but required support in doing so. Or, where they required a platform, to experiment and raise their levels of esteem, so they could feel confident in taking the next step for themselves.
Throughout these 11-years we developed what we call a Personal Development Assessment. It is a single A4 sheet, with questions we feel are critical in terms of: Listening, Identifying, Encouraging, Planning and Working, towards a life the individual feels they love and want to lead.
We use this sheet with every individual and they retain a copy as a Life Plan, forming a starting point for both them and One Single Step, to assist in achieving clarity, in terms of deciding a route forward. Our aim is to continue with this, working with individuals of any age to assist-navigate a path that feels right for them.
When we have compiled basic information, the direction might lead towards an activity; some research being carried out; training; planning; attending an interview; counselling; mentoring; attending an event; joining our community or whatever applies to the individual.
We have added three further paper-based tools used by our Facilitators, to assist those they engage in creating a life they love and want to lead.
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